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Lighting Transformers

Lighting Transformers

LIghting Transformers are designed to supply power to lighting  equipments in a commercial / industrial / domestic unit. It’s primary supply connected to higher voltage source and secondary is to be  connected to load.   Control_Transformer


Lighting transformers serves as isolation between primary and secondary, it also restricts any high voltage spikes and EMF coming with the raw mains incoming power. It also restricts short circuit current in the load and saves major accidents.

It is also used where incoming supply is 3 phase 3 wire  and lighting load is 220 Volt single phase.

Power House lighting transformers are made with CRGO laminations and Electrolytic copper super enameled winding wires.

They are available for wide range of inputs out are in the range and in capacity from 15 VA to 50 KVA.

Control Transformers are two winding transformers with both windings made of copper. Power House transformers are made of using high quality materials. Electrolytic grade super enameled wire with best insulations are used. Core material are CRGO EI or Strip cores. Experienced hands with best machines for winding ensures best results with minimum size. Appropriate class of insulation materials are used. Transformers are impregnated in insulating varnish for long lasting performance. Input and out are terminated on Bakelite board with proper size of terminals.

Information required while ordering:
A) Input supply-
            Voltage, Frequency  
  B) Out put
            voltage and current in of each secondary winding( if
            multiple out put windings are required).
C) Class of insulations:
D) Service conditions if other than standard service conditions.

Application Specific Transformers:
We make transformers as per specific requirements and some of standard applications are
* Auto Transformers for auto transformer starter,
* High voltage transformers,
* Inverter Transformers,
* Battery Charger Transformers,
* High current transformers for load testing,

* Potential Transformers for metering and instrumentation,
*Short Circuit-proof transformers,
*Pulse transformers for power electronics

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